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It’s not easy to deliver a message so that everyone listens and understands. And it doesn’t get any easier when the camera is on or when a journalist is on the phone. It requires training. Training, training, training. And preparation!

Take advantage of your platform

When we, as spokespersons, are invited to participate in the media, we are assigned a role in the story, and we need to make the most of that role. So, when the microphone is switched on, we need to deliver our message in a clear, sympathetic, credible and understandable way whether the interview runs for 2 or 20 minutes.

When we do media and message training at Lead Agency, we train both the messages and the non-verbal. Because what you say can easily be distorted by the way you deliver it. That is why we train in front of a rolling camera, so we can watch, evaluate and advise after each interview. And then we turn the camera back on.

We also practice the preparation because, as spokespeople, we prepare in different ways. However, if you are not prepared, it often ends badly.

You must shine, like the one you are

After media and message training at Lead Agency, we will help you be the best version of yourself when the camera rolls. So, we don’t send you out the door as a new person – like a corporate robot, but as a spokesperson who knows your strengths and weaknesses. As a spokesperson who owns their message and stands behind it.

We always tailor our media and message training to your needs, and if a crisis is brewing or already rumbling, we are available 24/7.

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Media and message training

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