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Strategy and communication activities are sometimes based on intuition alone.

Some companies rely on know-how, industry knowledge, and intuition to choose messages and work on a product or service. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it’s not.

Why you should invest in data, analysis and research

At Lead Agency, we have found that the success rate of effective communication is often increased when data has been collected and analysed prior to strategy development and subsequent tactical execution. A data-informed approach can help you gain vital insights that will contribute to a well-informed strategy with accurate messages that will strengthen campaigns and other communication activities.

There is a multitude of reasons to invest in research and analysis. To be sharp on the market, the people and the culture, to promote facts and objectivity over opinions, to optimise efforts and to keep up with competitors, you should prioritise research and analysis over a communication effort. The results will often not only improve the chances of success but also serve as strong internal learning and argumentation.

How we work

We use research and analysis at Lead Agency to optimise communication and contribute to commercial, political and societal positioning. When we use analysis and research, we always tailor it to the client’s needs, budget and nature of the task. We adapt and fine-tune our analysis design to each individual task. Every time. This ensures that we don’t waste resources on data collection and analysis that could be done smarter and more economically.

We have solid partnerships with reputable research institutes, as well as our own strong analytical talent in the field, enabling us to perform a wide range of analyses. We use well-established qualitative and quantitative techniques such as questionnaires, focus groups, interviews, and register studies. Furthermore, we are experts in modern surveys, including digital and social listening, where we can handle and process large amounts of data from both Google and social media. In fact, we use the entire Internet as a data source.

What you can expect

Overall, you can expect specific, tangible recommendations for action. Whether it’s insights that prioritise efforts, recommend platform choices, or optimise communications targeting depends, of course, on your needs. The result will often increase the success rate of the effort.

We use research and analysis in our work across disciplines such as public affairs, public relations, campaigns, branding and communication strategies. Insights can be used to fuel PR efforts, to make the case to political stakeholders in a public affairs effort, and as input for themes and messages in a communications strategy. There’s a wide range of options.


Data, analysis & studies

Kommunikation – og de mål vi sætter – bør ikke baseres på subjektive holdninger og synsninger.

Amalie Gaardbo, Partner

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