Amalie Gaardbo

Group Client Lead & Partner

Amalie specialises in communication strategy, positioning strategy and stakeholder management. Amalie focuses much of her time on creating results through organisational partnerships and alliances, often with innovative ideas as to how agendas may be used to make a difference on a societal level. Amalie works in the intersections between politics, business and society, offering guidance to and working with clients that have an interest in wide-ranging agendas.

Amalie has worked as a consultant for the main part of her career. Before Amalie joined LEAD, she worked at Moment, an agency that specialises in recruitment and communication, and at Medicon Valley Alliance. Amalie has a master’s degree in Communication from Roskilde University and has also studied Organisation, Strategy and Leadership at Copenhagen Business School.

Amalie does her best work while listening to music and she loves board games in all shapes and forms. She is quite competitive, but luckily she is a good winner despite being a sore loser. Hanya Yanagiharas’s ‘A Little Life’ is the best book that Amalie has ever read.