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Every word counts and words must be followed by action, especially when it comes to the biggest and most global challenge we face today: Global warming and the serious climate changes that our descendants and we will have to live with.

However, sustainability is about more than doing everything in our power to minimise CO2 emissions. Sustainability is about handing over a better world than the one we inherited. It also includes a strong focus on diversity and inclusion, ensuring equal rights for all people, and the fundamental right to be oneself. No matter who you are.

We expect sustainability and responsibility

Companies have a crucial role to play here. Pressure from clients, employees, and investors mean that companies often move faster and with more resources than the political system – whether to minimise environmental and climate impact or create a workplace that accommodates everyone.

When we advise on sustainability communication, we always start by ensuring that reliable data and transparent accounts underpin the high ambitions that the clients want to communicate, and that there is a genuine desire for change behind the words.

Greenwashing can be business-critical. We now see that the Danish Parliamentary Ombudsman has made it clear that general sustainability claims are largely considered misleading marketing without substantial life cycle analysis. It is a good thing that you cannot adorn yourself with borrowed green feathers. However, we also see a trend towards “greenblushing” at the same time. The phenomenon where companies actually have their ambitions and reporting in order but neglect to communicate it, and thus neglect to inspire others.

Communication on sustainability must be accurate and unique

A responsible corporate profile strengthens interest in the brand among consumers, is a strength in employee recruitment and creates value for investors. Several analyses show that younger employees, in particular, directly reject companies without a clear and responsible profile.

Sustainability concerns everyone, and everyone can make a difference. But many companies are unsure where to start. They fear their efforts will backfire and may think you need to be a green rock star before you can communicate ambitions for the future of the planet or set ambitious targets for gender equality and diversity. However, the truth is that everyone can – everyone must – take social responsibility. Otherwise, we’ll never get there.

In principle, sustainability communication touches on almost all Lead Agency services – from PR and analysis to campaigns, annual reports and public affairs. Lead Agency has also teamed up with The Footprint Firm to get as many companies and organisations as possible to become more sustainable, talk about it and inspire others to do the same.

Good advice on sustainability communication

Download the 7 tips for your sustainability communication here.

Together we help companies through a sustainable service check, where we map the following:

  • What does a situation analysis and data check say about your responsibility profile today?
  • In the short and long term, what are your ambitions, and can they be measured?
  • How do you work sustainably with clients and partners?
  • How do you contribute to society?
  • Where are your opportunities and pitfalls?

We have developed a methodology for companies and organisations to develop an ambitious strategy and take a strong position in line with the demands of both employees and clients.

See Lead Agency’s own sustainability goals and figures here


Communication on sustainability

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Barbara Saitta Bregendal, Partner

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