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Purpose & Core Story

“Love is a striking example of how little reality means to us.” Marcel Proust

The stories and messages we remember, we rarely remember because they are logically argumentative or packed with all the right points. We remember stories, messages, and slogans because they move us and evoke emotions.

Logos, ethos and pathos

It is nearly impossible to get a message across without stirring emotions of any type on the spectrum. So you can have as many slides and presentation techniques in your backpack – if we are not moved, we rarely remember.

And while emotion and intuition do not always rank high as arguments in business, an organisation’s purpose and core story should ideally include an appeal to emotion if its messages are to mobilise and engage clients, employees and stakeholders.

“Purpose”, “vision”, “raison d’être” – it goes by many names. These are buzzwords, but it doesn’t change the fact that branding is better and more credible if you invest time and effort in defining the organisation’s purpose at an authentic and slightly higher level. For example, Apple was not just created to make computers and mobile phones. Since its foundation, it has had the ambition to revolutionise the way people use technology, and the slogan “Think Different” has accompanied the company throughout the years.

Creativity makes a difference

At Lead Agency, we put a lot of effort into the creative processes. We draw inspiration from trends, cultural life, music, art, literature and inspiring people, events and movements in world history. We insist that the stories must carry us away, and that requires them to have a poetic element that is unique, that makes us stop and that inspires us.

Studies show that purpose-driven branding can have more impact than conventional marketing, but also that it can flop if not done well. For example, in these years, when sustainability is becoming a focus area in more and more businesses and organisations, one has to be careful with generic statements like “We want to make the world greener”. That is the equivalent of saying, “We want to be digital”. Not impressive when it stands alone.

However, if you can explain exactly how your expertise and work contribute to a higher purpose, then we can – through a good purpose and a core story – it will help communicate that in a way that can bring you great value.


Purpose & Core Story

Din historie skal komme med noget nyt og røre noget i os. Vi skal huske jer.

Eva Svavars, Partner

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