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Our experience from all our projects shows that employees very, very rarely feel that they get enough information from management.

We expect authenticity from managers

Employees are making increased demands on their managers. They want to be inspired, they want to see the meaning of it all, they want to be included, and they want to be respected. We believe that managers who present themselves as whole people and who communicate authentically – with the flaws, doubts and shortcomings that entails – will own the future more than managers who act like “corporate soldiers” and communicate in PowerPoint bullets.

As working life and the working day have changed dramatically, with the whole world moving from offices and home to the kitchen table to work, managers need to communicate with teams and employees even more. Partly to simply ensure that the company can continue even if everyone is not in the same place, but equally to retain talented employees who are now no longer physically together every day. It requires an extraordinary communication effort as a manager.

Culture and motivation

Managers must retain employees, not only through pay and benefits but also through culture and human and professional inspiration and motivation. When we are proud of our workplace and managers, we become brand ambassadors, more loyal and more motivated and happy to go to work.

In other words, purpose, brand and corporate strategy are now not just for the website and boardroom. Employees expect to be taken on the journey through more than a town hall meeting. We must communicate, involve and engage our people with the same seriousness and care for messages, timing and channels as in our external communications.

Data and analysis give direction

At Lead Agency, we carry out analyses and surveys among employees so that we know what they expect and want. And we develop strategies and execute modern internal communications in close partnership with top and middle management, and we develop the company’s internal communication channels.

All companies and organisations have ambitions, knowledge, news, insights and know-how. Knowledge that in the vast majority of cases deserves to be published internally and externally.

When you team up with us on a strategy for your internal communications, you set the direction in the first place. What is the status today? What do you want to change? And what challenges and opportunities are there along the way? Once the analysis and objective are clear, we develop your strategy, narratives and plans for content and execution. Furthermore, we measure impact and educate and train both management teams and individuals.


Internal Communication

Det vigtigste i ledelseskommunikation er autencitet.

Barbara Saitta Bregendal, Partner

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