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We love The People’s Meeting.

Foreigners who have visited The People’s Meeting tell us how unique it is for a country to be able to hold a peaceful political festival where civically engaged people can meet and discuss politics across party political and ideological divides. They are right, and we must protect that.

Although The People’s Meeting may seem large and incomprehensible, it is also a place where we can get close to each other and learn more. Ministers, MPs, local politicians, interest groups, companies, debaters, students, pensioners, and other curious people come together and talk. The atmosphere cannot be described – it must be experienced.

BUT – one thing is the experience. Another thing is your goal of being present as an organisation or business. With 100,000 guests and thousands of events, it’s more important than ever to think carefully about how you are present. With experience dating back to the first People’s Meeting in 2011, we at Lead Agency would like to offer to help you make the most of your presence.

The expectation for The People’s Meeting 2022 is that after 2 years of cancellation and a very small version, it will be back as we know it before Covid. So from 16-19 June, up to 100,000 people are expected to flock to Allinge.

This means that after a 2-year Covid break, we can once again welcome you to the Ministry of Opinion, Lead Agency’s own stage, centrally located on the harbour next to DR.


The Ministry of Opinion has been involved since the beginning of 2011. If the tent canvas could talk, it would tell of countless debates, where new knowledge has been provided, discussed, laughed at, and not least created new possible solutions to all kinds of problems. All after carefully planned events with professional speakers.

That’s how it will be in 2022, but we are constantly evolving the formats. Options include both shorter and longer hourly slots than the typical 60 minutes. You can book a slot now, and of course, you are welcome to contact us if you want to know more.

Events at Folkemødet

We also help arrange events, lunches, and dinners – both indoors and outdoors around Allinge. We can develop the idea into a concrete event together with you.



Folkemødet er en demokratifest i verdensklasse.

Søren Kaster, Partner

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