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Crisis Communication

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Expectations of modern companies are currently increasing. Purpose, vision and SDGs mean that we are seeing more and more responsible and visionary companies. At the same time, we see that clients, shareholders, NGOs and the press are increasingly interested in whether companies live up to their promises because they have to.

You can avoid shitstorms – if you’re prepared

But fear not the media and shitstorms. Fear only your own lack of preparation. Crisis management must match your business objectives.

Crisis cases can have many causes, and no two crises are the same, but what they have in common is that they can have fatal consequences for the reputation of organisations and individuals if they are not handled professionally. And it’s rarely communication alone that can fix the problem – action is needed.

A well-managed crisis will often be a crisis you’ve never heard of. As far as possible, crisis communication is about being at the forefront and managing the course of events and the associated communication in a carefully planned strategy and action plan.

Detailed focus and thorough situation analysis

Good crisis management requires getting to grips with the details of the case quickly, discussing and considering all scenarios and possible courses of action and understanding the motives and motivations of target audiences and stakeholders in detail. And that you map the players and the opponents. Moreover, you need to be clear about the messages and have a plan for who, to whom and how and when the messages will be delivered.

What is the worst thing that could happen? And what is the best that can happen? The worst can often look bad, but in fact, companies regularly emerge stronger from crises because they handle them well and take clear responsibility. It’s an opportunity to do something extraordinary – to show strength and credibility.

Working closely 24/7

We prepare for everything, and we adapt the handling to your case and your needs. In addition to the strategy and plan, we create detailed contingency plans, ongoing crisis response exercises, media training for spokespersons, social media management plan, internal communication plan and ongoing advice and press management around the clock.

Our internationally experienced crisis advisors have helped organisations and individuals plan for and overcome major crises and cases ranging from food production, labour disputes, environmental issues, dishonest subcontractors, financial matters, regulatory investigations, social media shitstorms, to the sacking of a CEO.

With us, you get a dedicated team to prepare and respond to unusual, uncertain and complex situations that threaten your objectives, reputation, or existence as a company or organisation.

Of course, all crisis cases are treated with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.


Crisis Communication

Presset kan være enormt. Nogle gange med god grund – andre gange nærmest uden grund – fordi frygten skygger for overblikket.

Søren Kaster, Partner

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