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Which campaigns do we remember? And which campaigns have changed our behaviour, our mindset or made us buy a product?

Most of us think we are insusceptible, but campaign and marketing impact metrics tell a different story. Campaigns and marketing work, but they work best when they are strategically and creatively designed to reach very specific goals and target audiences. And if you do not have infinite budgets, it’s even more important to keep this in mind.

Data and analytics give us the right insights

In our work with campaigns, we start by gaining a deep understanding of the challenge through data and analytics, client experience and market trends. Based on this, we develop the strategy and key insights on which the campaign will be based and which will appeal to the recipient.

The exercise is based on data, behavioural psychology and trends, and we make a point of understanding the recipients’ drivers and barriers, their worldview and everyday life. Once the key insights are in place, and we understand the campaign’s objectives and recipients, the creative process begins to create the campaign’s idea, concept and key messages. Here the nail must be hit on the head in terms of content, tone and expression and channels.

Creative quality is the key to success

The creative work is often based on an insight – a truth that is instantly recognisable, which can also create a surprising A-ha experience that captures our attention and makes us curious or motivated to act.

When you encounter our campaigns, you should not feel like someone is trying to sell you something. On the contrary, you must genuinely feel like engaging in the cause or buying the product because it gives you value. Pull rather than push.

In other words, the creative concept should create or increase relevance with the recipient through an appeal to the deeper motivations, emotions and patterns of action that affect us. We need to create a story that moves hearts, minds and feet.

The solution is rarely right at hand. We compete not only with other campaigns and commercial agendas but with anything that wants our attention. For example, we often borrow inspiration from the world the recipient is already oriented towards. If the message is best received through social media, influencers, events, print media, a podcast or a cross-channel film, that’s where we need to be – where relevance creates a connection between the sender and receiver.

Close collaboration on the campaign

When you choose us as your campaign partner, you will be working closely with some of Denmark’s most experienced campaign consultants and the most creative young talent the industry has to offer. We always look at the bigger picture of a campaign and let the work play together with analytics, PR, digital solutions and branding. We are inspired by global trends in the field of campaigns and by movements, events and ideas that move us.



Vi skal skabe nysgerrighed og motivere til handling.

Anita Baun Hørdum, Partner

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