The Nordic Council of Ministers


Each year, The Nordic Council of Ministers launches project all over the world with the purpose of branding the Nordics – and with an ambition to show the Nordics in the world, not to the world. But a lot of these projects have either been isolated events or regional efforts that haven’t received the wide attention they deserve. Furthermore, in 2019, the Nordics decided on a vision to become the world’s most sustainable region, and The Nordic Council of Ministers needed this focus to appear a lot clearer in the branding efforts, too.

On these grounds, the Nordic Council of Ministers wanted a creative, open-source concept for international branding of the Nordics that could create a gathering point for the many activities, and which increases the knowledge of the Nordics’ solutions, products, services, culture, values og not least the sustainability ambitions.


LEAD has developed the creative brand concept NORDIC TALKS, which is based on 5 dogmas that make it easy for organizers from all over the world to execute NORDIC TALKS. The Nordic values and the UN Sustainable Development Goals are in focus, and the ambition is for NORDIC TALKS to inspire participants and listeners as to how they can personally act for a more sustainable development. INSPIRE TO ACT – ACT TO INSPIRE is our brand promise.

Once a NORDIC TALK has been completed, LEAD will post-produce, market and release the episodes in the international podcast series NORDIC TALKS. NORDIC TALKS was launched in the summer of 2020 and will be unfolded in projects all over the world in the years to come.


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