Employer Branding

Microsoft Development Copenhagen


Microsoft Development Copenhagen wished to achieve a higher amount of applicants for their software development positions. The purpose of the campaign was thereby to position Microsoft Development Copenhagen as an attractive workplace for talented and ambitious software developers. The campaign was not to draw a perfect picture but to put a focus on professional competence and a great work environment. The target group consisted of both Danish and foreign software developers.


A targeted campaign showing the possibilities, the potential and the everyday life of being a software developer at Microsoft Development Copenhagen. The campaign was put together of online and offline material, gifs, posters of employees and merchandise.

In the employer branding film we are following Sara at Microsoft Development Copenhagen, showing how great it is working there - and how cool her colleagues all are. It gets embarrassing as well as overly-studied, but it succeeds in showing Microsoft Development Copenhagen from a whole new side.


unique persons in the target group have seen the Employer Branding film.
have watched all of the film with Sara from Microsoft Development Copenhagen.
engagement rate on the campaign.