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Every day, politicians and civil servants make hundreds of decisions that affect the conditions of the business community, thousands of organizations, and individual citizens.

Public affairs are about influencing events, decisions, and ultimately the legislation that forms our society. It’s about building bridges between politicians, businesses, and civil society. To be able to present both the challenges and the solutions credibly and to communicate them in a way that appeals to a broad audience and is relevant to the society it speaks into. And that’s where we at Lead Agency come in.

Our approach to public affairs

In our work with Public Affairs, we navigate by three principles:

  1. The first is about social vision – understanding the trends, agendas, and popular sentiments surrounding political decisions. Therefore, our approach to public affairs often draws on multiple disciplines – from analysis to creative concepts, PR, and social media. The combination of several disciplines contributes crucial insights into what drives stakeholders and how attitudes can be shifted.
  2. The second is about building strong partnerships and alliances. That is where we see the most significant political results and when it succeeds in bringing together a wide range of societal players around common political solutions. It increases the legitimacy of the wishes you make. This makes it easier for political players to turn your wishes into reality. And it strengthens the sustainability of the changes you make.
  3. The third is about positive social contribution. Because we believe that communication and politics should make a difference, and we achieve the greatest impact by connecting your specific goals to the trends and agendas that are moving Denmark in a positive direction.

Political influence must be earned

At Lead Agency, we have more than 10 years of experience in public affairs. We are a team of 10 people with experience from different parts of the political machinery at the Danish Parliament, central ministries, and large political organizations.

We advise a wide range of companies and organizations in different sectors. Our advice is analytical and strategic, and we have high ambitions for you. That is why we allow ourselves to challenge those we advise because we do not want to waste your time or the politicians’ time. Political influence is something you have to earn. Getting policymakers to listen requires solid reasoning, high credibility, and an understanding of the political game.

Sometimes the task may be bigger than you thought and requires other or more approaches than just public affairs. At other times, it may be easier, where just a little effort can bring big results.

Public Affairs

Public Affairs

Det handler om at kunne bygge en stærk politisk dagsorden med blik for det samfund, den taler ind i

Mads Hvid, Public Affairs Advisor.

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