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The media sets agendas that can impact your reputation and your business. Both positive and negative.

Editorial stories help shape the attitudes of decision-makers, the business community and consumers. And what we read, see and hear has a profound impact on our perceptions, motivations and actions.

Understanding the needs of the media

We have a free press in Denmark, and it is not only a cornerstone of our democracy, and it also ensures that the media plays a major role in setting the agenda. For the same reason, PR is not about pushing your own agenda on the editorial media. On the contrary, it’s about angling and offering your stories so that they are relevant, interesting and bring something new to the table.

At Lead Agency, we understand the logic of media – from physical to digital, from international to national and regional, from omnibus to specialist media, from traditional editorial to blogger and YouTuber. We make sure your messages reach the right target audience through the media.

Strategic PR

And if you want to succeed in your PR efforts, you need to clearly formulate your objectives, have an eye for good stories, be razor-sharp about target audiences, and know the media to our fingertips. We call this strategic PR.

PR has to be earned, and that’s why it has a huge impact when it’s done well. We will help you get your good stories out there and ensure you get the credibility, relevance and news value you deserve. An effect that your own channels and marketing cannot deliver.

PR is a vital investment for organisations that want to ensure control over their brand and public reputation. And for organisations that want to raise awareness and prevent potential crises.

Shitstorms can be avoided

Shitstorms start in the media and cycle to social media or vice versa. And when we observe and analyse shitstorms, we are rarely surprised by what happens. Causes, effects and dynamics can be predicted, and therefore they are also preventable. We can help with that.

Good PR is also a crucial channel for internal communication. Positive media stories about your work create pride and loyalty among employees. And that’s not to be sneezed at!

Working closely 24/7

With us as your PR partner, you will work closely with some of Denmark’s most experienced PR advisors and the most hard-working and well-connected talents in the PR industry.

We work for companies, governments and interest groups, and we are inspired by global trends in traditional and new media and by the agendas and movements that move hearts and minds.


PR & Press coverage

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