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Everything you say, show and do communicates. Therefore, strategic communication is not just about writing the right thing on the website and in the press release. It’s about your actions as a brand overall, and it’s about nurturing and enhancing your reputation and increasing your awareness among the right target audiences.

Successful brands of the future have a stance towards the society around them and an ambition for how they can contribute to positive and sustainable development. In general, greenwashing, pinkwashing, and washing is a no go – pure suicide in the future market. But the reverse – putting away the good you do or having no sustainability ambitions at all – can prove to be just as big a problem. A problem for sales, for recruitment, for society. Demands are increasing, and we expect more and more as consumers.

Brand position and narrative

Your business strategy and your purpose set the direction for your brand and communication strategy. The narrative and the brand promises must be clear: What were you put in the world to do? What do you promise clients and society? What are you really good at, what are your strengths? And what do you offer, and what results do you deliver? That’s a lot of questions. But without clear and credible answers, no good communication.

However, good answers are not enough. There must also be room for poetry. The brand’s purpose and basic narrative must touch something in us, move us a little, so that we listen, become curious, and remember. And we don’t remember it if it’s too generic, if we have heard the story many times before, or if it’s too boring.

When we work with branding, purpose and core stories, we put a lot of effort into the creative processes. We draw inspiration from trends, cultural life, music, art, literature and inspiring people, events and movements in world history.

Elements of the strategy

In addition to the purpose and core story, the strategy should map out the communication’s goals, themes and target audiences. Targets and KPIs ensure that communication is strategic, and the themes create coherence and test the relevance of communication across messages and channels. And a thorough analysis and profiling of the respective market and target audiences ensure that we hit the right people with the right things at the right time and thus optimise your communication and marketing resources.

Action and activity plan

Once the strategic foundations are in place, we can decide how and where to deliver. Therefore, the strategy results in a specific activity plan. The plan describes the channel selection and timing of the activities to deliver results according to KPIs. It can be everything from social media marketing, PR, campaigns, Public Affairs, internal communications and employer advocacy, events, etc.

When you choose us as your partner for your communications strategy, you will be working closely with some of Denmark’s most experienced communications consultants and the most creative teams the industry has to offer. All our processes are involving, curious, creative and always based on thorough research and analysis. We think before we speak, and we read before we think.


Brand and communication strategy

Enkel, inspirerende og indlysende rigtig. Det er vores krav til en god strategi.

Eva Svavars, Partner

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