World Mental Health Day

World Federation for Mental Health


World Mental Health Day is marked every year on the 10th of October. The purpose of this day is to increase knowledge of mental health challenges on a global level - and, at the same time, facilitate and support present conversations about mental health and mental disorders. In 2018, the centre of rotation of this initiative was a focus on the young generation’s challenges with mental health. In 2019, the focus was pointed at suicide prevention.


With a limited budget for marketing activities, we had to trust in a high organic reach of the campaign content - among the most popular and demanding audience online: the young. For that reason, we built the content and themes around them; We adapted to the language and style of the target group to make it as easy as even possible to interact. By doing so, we got the young people to take ownership of this agenda - we made them part of the movement. Specifically by encouraging them to make the mental health agenda a trend. Local and global initiatives underlined the message: No matter what you’re fighting, you’re not alone.

In 2019, we worked to engage organisations and stakeholders by sharing their messages and including their tags in our content. And also, on World Suicide Prevention Day, we worked with shared content to merge this day with World Mental Health Day.


Digital kommunikationsstrategi

The conversation around #WorldMentalHealthDay was top trending globally both years. Influencers and stakeholders - from @Pewdiepie to BBC and Unicef - actively took part of the conversation.

primarily young people met the campaign in 2018 and 10M in 2019. Almost all continents participated to the agenda worldwide.
reactions from sharings, retweets and likes on the best performing content pieces. The overall initiative resulted in the crowd of followers on the different platforms of World Mental Health Day to increase with 22.000 (on Facebook and Twitter) in 2018 and with more than 21.000 in 2019.