Work in Transportation

TU and GUU


In the future, the transportation industry will experience a labour shortage due to the fact that huge year groups are retiring and the industry's reputation is challenged by prejudice and lack of knowledge. Transportens Udviklingsfond (3F and ATL) and the Godstransportens Uddannelses- og Udviklingsfond (3F og DTL-A) have therefore launched the image and recruitment campaign Work in Transportation in cooperation with LEAD. The objective of the campaign is to increase awareness of the goods transportation industry, break with prejudice and thereby to increase interest and job seeking in the industry, especially among young people and women and men who could be ready for a change of job.


Since 2015 and in close cooperation with Transportens Udviklingsfond and the Godstransportens Uddannelses- og Udviklingsfond, LEAD has developed the recruitment and image campaign Work in Transportation. The campaign activities include the establishment of the recruitment portal, a Facebook community with more than 12.000 followers, a roadshow with a truck visiting schools across the country, campaign films developed for various target groups, partnerships on recruitment with different parties within the industry, a Women's Task Force set to increase women's interest in the industry, music videos and so much more. The number of applicants for educations within Transportation took a plunge in 2014 but has been increasing since 2015.



campaign films launched across digital channels


of students at the transportation study say that they were inspired by the campaign to enrol in the education


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