The Reunification of 1920

The Ministry of Culture

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Only 8% of the Danes know of The Reunification of Denmark in 1920 when the lost part of Southern Jutland was reunited as a part of Denmark. The aim of the campaign is to help increase the population’s knowledge of the Reunification and at the same time create interest in the marking of the 100 year anniversary and encourage people to participate in the events taking place all over the country i 2020.

The campaign objective is to reach the entire Danish population - because all Danes should know its importance to the Danish society. And because an increased knowledge can help create a better understanding of Danish culture, history, identity, community, our relationship to Germany, and borders in general.


The campaign was launched with a New Year’s speech delivered by the uncrowned queen of Southern Jutland and famous Dansih actress, Bodil Jørgensen, giving the Danes a friendly telling-off.

The New Year’s speech was meant to provide Southern Jutlanders and those who already knew about the Reunification with ammunition to put this event on the agenda. And, not least, to express the relevance of the Reunification to the majority of Danes who are not fully aware of what happened “once upon a time”, 100 years ago.

Humor, memes and personal stories link the story to the present and continue to gather the Danes around the Reunification in an entertaining yet informative way.



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