Power up your car dream

Danish Electric Vehicle Alliance

Du skal give samtykke for at se videoen


The public conversation about electric cars is highly focused around limitations, technological development and myths. Danish Electric Vehicle Alliance therefore wanted to increase the Danes' knowledge of electric cars, enabling them to choose cars on an informed basis. A lot of the explanations that the Danes use as reasons for not buying an electric car can be refuted with good, valid arguments and facts. The goal is therefore to create engagement in the form of dialogue and debate about the myths about electric cars.


'Sæt strøm til din bildrøm' (Power up your car dream) - a campaign that, with knowledge and facts, dismantles everyday myths among Danes about electric cars. With the campaign, we have created new images and stories about the electric car as a car that has it all - and then some. We know that many reservations can be met if the consumer gets to try a car. As part of the campaign, we therefore headed - with Pelle Hvenegaard in front - to surprise three Danes, all of whom run on gasoline or diesel. We swapped out their cars with one running on power.

'Electric cars' is a topic that many Danes have an opinion about - and we have with the 'Power up your car dream'-campaign been given the opportunity to nuance several of them.



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