PR Launch



The vision behind Podimo is to be the home ground of the Podcast. Both for those who listen and for those who deliver the content. That is why Podimo is passionately working on creating a new and super easy-to-use ecosystem for podcasts and podcasters. And everyone can join in.

Lead Agency serves as Podimo’s permanent PR and Communications Agency in Denmark. Therefore, we help to create positive media coverage on all content that can be found on the platform. Simultaneously, the task also includes getting Podimo and the people behind positioned as the innovative player that Podimo is - on a rapidly growing and changing market.


In close dialogue with Podimo, we ensure positive media coverage of the many podcast hosts and their exclusive content, which is only available on Podimo. We help get the content reviewed, and we help to set up the many hosts in exclusive interviews widely distributed across the media landscape (print, online, TV and radio). When there are relevant statistics and news about the company and the people behind, we also ensure that these numbers and news hit the relevant editorial media outlets for everyone to follow where Podimo is headed and why.


press clippings (print, online, TV and radio), just a week after the launch.
Public Relations

In cooperation with Podimo, we have since the launch in September 2019 secured a solid coverage of both content, hosts and company.

Branding bureau København

Establishing a new brand on the Danish media market.