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The Nordic Council of Ministers has a clear vision – The Nordics shall become the most sustainable region in the world. The task was: Create a brand concept that positions the Nordics as being both modern and sustainable while also adding direct value to the target group.

Each year, the Nordic Council of Ministers launches a wide range of international projects that support the vision of the Nordics and contribute to spreading its sustainable solutions globally. But many of these projects have been isolated events or regional efforts that have not gotten the wide attention they definitely deserve – making them missed chances of strengthening the brand of the Nordics. at styrke Nordens brand.

Therefore, the Nordic Council of Ministers wanted a strategic brand concept capable of uniting the many projects in one consumer-oriented brand. A brand that conveys the vision and increases the international knowledge of the Nordics' ambitions within sustainability.


Lead Agency won the task with the NORDIC TALKS brand concept and the appertaining INSPIRE TO ACT - ACT TO INSPIRE pay-off. The concept frames a series of live events, all being broadcasted as an English-language, international podcast series. Furthermore, Lead Agency developed a comprehensive strategy for digital promotion from launch in the summer of 2020 and onwards – the focus being on organic reach rather than paid, as desired by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

NORDIC TALKS addresses and finds solutions to the biggest global sustainability challenges. Solutions for ordinary citizens to act on. Today. NORDIC TALKS facilitates curious conversations between pioneers, experts and opinion formers - and discusses what can be done to create a more sustainable future.

Nordic Talks is designed as an open-source brand concept that can easily be conducted by organizers worldwide; all they have do to is follow THE 5 DOGMAS. Common to the talks is them taking their starting point in the Nordic values and the UN Sustainable Development Goals - and that all talks leave the listener with a concrete action point.

The ambition is for NORDIC TALKS - with time - to become the Nordic version of TED Talks.

NORDIC TALKS is available at on iTunes, Spotify and Android and is promoted via Instagram and the SoMe channels of the Nordics.



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The project won gold and silver at The Transform Awards Nordics 2021

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