Purpose & core story



KIRKBI is a growing, family-owned holding and investment company. They were standing before the task of defining a unifying purpose and core story for the organization, seeking to set a joint direction for their strategy and activities across all units, and for the family's ownership of the LEGO brand in the coming generations. It was absolutely crucial to KIRKBI that the direction was determined by the family, and that all parts of KIRKBI were to take ownership through cooperation and involvement in the process.


LEAD Agency facilitated the development of KIRKBI's purpose and core story through thorough interviews and meetings with family members, unit heads and the board of directors. It was crucial that no step of the process was being rushed - it all had to add up, down to the last detail, so that the purpose and core story accurately reflected the visions and ambitions of the family and KIRKBI.


Intern kommunikation

An inclusive and meticulous process that gathered the family and the organization around the journey.


A unifying purpose that sets the direction for KIRKBI as a business.

Purpose kommunikation

A core story that accurately reflects the organization's purpose, work, and results.