Mads Hvid


Mads works as an advisor on public affairs and has broad experience when it comes to creating change and setting agendas in a noisy political landscape. Mads approaches public affairs as a field which is not just about meetings in parliament, but which is just as much about creating change outside of the halls of power and about building alliances across sectors and the traditional political divides. He is a big political nerd who enjoys getting into the decision-making processes everywhere from Christiansborg to city halls and the European Parliament.

After having worked for a number of years in Brussels, both as a consultant with Danish and international clients, in the European Parliament and in a European level NGO, Mads returned to Copenhagen where he has since worked as a political advisor in both LGBT+ Denmark and The Danish Consumer Council.

Mads holds a BA in Communication and International Studies from Roskilde University and have done further MA studies in Political communication and Management at Copenhagen Business School.

When Mads is not working on politics at LEAD, he still tends to do so on the side. Amongst other things as vice-chair in an NGO working on European issues. And then he tends to have a somewhat absurdly high consumption of podcasts on British politics, a constant source of fascination and drama.